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Please Note: An adjustment to our non-member rates will be taking effect November 16, 2019 as reflected in the prices below.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage utilizes a variety of techniques.  From aggressive corrective work to soothing Swedish applications, massage therapy relieves tension in tight, sore muscles and calms both body and mind. An astute practitioner will customize each session according to the individual needs of the client. Effective deep tissue massage relies on the solid assessment and technical skills of the therapist.  Here at Bankers Hall Club, we will coordinate with you to facilitate outcomes consistent with your treatment goals. Your treatment may include different techniques such as cupping, pin and stretch, or action releases as discussed by your therapist.

Service Member Price Non-member Price
30 min Massage $54 $66
60 min Massage $85 $100
90 min Massage $118 $136


Acupuncture is one of many modalities that are based on the theoretical foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves insertion of very fine needles into very specific points on the body. To effectively restore balance and stimulate the body to heal itself, these needles are often placed distant to the patient's affected areas. TCM takes a holistic approach to optimizing an individual's health and well being by keeping the body in balance to be free of ailments and vulnerability to disease. A session may also include cupping or herbal therapies to restore balance in the body.

Service Member Price Non-member Price
30 min Acupuncture/TCM $52 $65
45 min Acupuncture/TCM $72 $85
60 min Acupuncture/TCM $92 $105
90 min Acupuncture/TCM $112 $125

Functional Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling involves inserting a tiny monofilament needle into an identified pain source within a muscle or muscles in order to release shortened bands of muscles and decrease trigger point activity.  It is a valuable and effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain and secondary dysfunction (eg. carpal tunnel, tendonitis, osteoarthritis) caused by referral pain.

Service Member Price Non-member Price
30 min treatment $57.00 $62.00

Package Discounts: 5% for 5 sessions | 10% for 10 sessions